Day 148

Week 14

Well, as taking some self portraits was part of my mission for this project, and combined with the fact for every other pregnancy I have taken a pic each week to show baby growth, I thought I would combine the two. I am only just over three months, but being baby number four, I think this pregnancy bump is likely to be just as big as the others, if not bigger, if this lump is anything to go by – nothing to do with the food I am stuffing down each day of course!!

3 thoughts on “Day 148

  1. Hi there – thought I would go find your blog…and came across this post. Congratulations!! No wonder you were cagey about whether you would have another baby when we were chatting before Christmas!!

    Some great photos on here hope you dont mind me having a nose…

    • Ah ha, welcome! Don’t mind you looking at all of course, but (as you will see from my next post shortly to come), a lot of photos are just snaps in desperation! I think I was still in shock when were chatting about a family of four last term. I told Teresa on Thursday and I have never seen someone look so surprised.

  2. dont know where you have been hiding that bump – looks BIG on here but never noticed anything on Thursday. My 365 is much the same. Some days are wonderful some are cringeworthy. But looking back on them its a great thing to have and provides a great diary of the everyday stuff of our lives. Hope to put mine in a coffee table book/album but not sure whether to do it after 365 days…or do it to the end of 2011 and then start a new one? ( I started in July) Any plans for what to do with yours?

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