Day 149


There was almost a disaster for my project today. I was so busy with ‘stuff’ whilst the boys were occupied elsewhere and I had no time to take pictures, that when, after  I had collected the little one from nursery, I saw the sheep in a field with the busy road appearing to almost running over the top and a beautiful sky with different tones of pale blue overhead, that I got my camera phone out and snapped a picture. Of course, the resulting image does not do the scene justice. But more than that, when I tried to download the picture, for some reason, my computer would not recognise my phone and grab the image. Having tried most of the evening, I finally gave up, and hooked it up again this morning. Thankfully, it worked and I got the image which was the only one I had taken that day.  I am still not that enamoured of the image, but cropped it to a more pleasing format.

2 thoughts on “Day 149

  1. You can download a wordpress app for your phone that might help on other days like this – lets you upload your photo directly, and if you have an app like camera+ you can also manipulate the image before posting it – might add to your flexibility?

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