Day 221

Goring abstract

Another day I was able to get out and take some pics and I have been wanting to snap this view for months. I drive past this view a few times a week and have noticed the colours changing as we head into spring – I did enhance them post processing. Again I want to go back to this and work out if this is the best angle of view.

3 thoughts on “Day 221

  1. wow this one is amazing Eloise!! So well spotted! Does this mean you are moving away from the “water” theme for the landscapes? This one is a definite winner!!

    • Thank you – yes need to work out how to get T to allow this on to my list! Wanted to take the shot anyway – figure I will just get as many landscapes as I can together and see what I come up with! Not very planned! Will be one for the workbook anyway, if nothing else.

      • I am currently working on three different projects in my head in the hope one will produce 10 good photos!! I think its a much better idea than preplanning đŸ˜‰

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