Day 222

Reading Football Club

I seem to have lost a day and with a pregnancy brain, I cant even remember what photos I took on friday. However, on saturday, we took the boys to their first ever football match and I may have deleted my card before uploading the previous day’s photos. Anyway, we enjoyed the match, even if Barnaby asked to play games on the phone, Alexei spent most of the time kicking the seat in front and annoying people, and Felix spent the entire second half asleep!! However, the two eldest did get to run on the pitch at half time waving RFC flags to welcome the players back on to the pitch. My longest zoom wasn’t quite enough to capture the moment well.

4 thoughts on “Day 222

  1. how fantastic – my son and hubby were there too (the school had organised tickets at a discount) – great weather and a great result which makes it all more pleasant (even more pleasant for me – I got to stay home :D!!)

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