Day 227

Plum Blossom

Today, instead of taking pictures after class as planned, I had to drive around looking for a garage that still had some petrol in it, before I ran out. Unfortunately, the panic buying in Berkshire meant that it was a lost cause……. Returning home, I noticed that the plum tree had suddenly blossomed and so took a quick pic before picking the children up and at last finding petrol closer to home where people are clearly less panicky and perhaps welcome being car less should the fuel workers strike go ahead. In this weather, who can blame them?

6 thoughts on “Day 227

  1. lovely blue sky to use as a backdrop!

    It is mad round here with the panic buying – went to pick my son up from a class tonight and there were 50m queues to get in the petrol station which meant the traffic was just building up further and further back as it couldnt get through. Police turned up to sort it out

  2. I know – it was quite stressful as I was seriously low and wasn’t sure I would make it home. Hubby had not filled up last night when he drained the last of the petrol we had, and now I have finally filled up for my weekend journey, he has just told me that he will use the car tomorrow to go to work – first time driving there! Grrr

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