Kaletki at Night


Although I didn’t take many photograph’s on our recent holiday in Poland, I did manage to wander to the end of the jetty one night when everyone else ate sausages around a fire, and take some long exposures. This is a 30 second shutter speed, manually focused and as I couldn’t see at all. Although I am quite pleased with the composition, the colours were not amazing, quite washed out, and so I have converted to black and white.

5 thoughts on “Kaletki at Night

  1. wow manually focussed pretty well if you couldnt see at all – looks perfectly sharp to me? Are they stars in the background – and if so is that a shooting star (the streak?) I am impressed you took a tripod down the jetty in the dark – I have enough trouble getting one up correclt in full sunlight!

  2. Yes to everything, bar the tripod! It was resting on a seat! Often the teenagers would bounce onto the jetty and shift my camera during the long exposure and as each was so long and the boys were calling me to go back, I couldn’t get too many shots that were sharp enough. That is why I am so pleased with this one and the composition – others had the bench seat in the picture too

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