Happy New Year Last year was a bit lacking for me photography blogging wise, so let’s hope 2017 is better! However, with the last of the house guests having just left, after 9 days of hosting/entertaining back to back, feeling so tired, I took this photo from the sofa, whilst the kids, still seemingly with energy,  danced to their […]

Week 48 Day 7 – 2nd December

Week 48 Day 7 – Ooh, Twinkle is getting cheeky straight away this year!! And in the spirit of cleaning up, someone decided to help me out as we continue to have no dishwasher,  whilst someone else is still quite lethargic following his illness and crashed out in our bed with his advent calendar nearby […]

2015 Week 34 Day 2 – 21st August

2015 Week 34 Day 2 – It all started so well (sort of). A bribe of crisps after a quick photo session, on the way home from swimming lessons, and all were cooperating, apart from the sun which was far too strong! Then something went wrong and Willow got upset. Alexei sympathised…. but she stormed […]