Week 52 Day 1 – 24th December

Week 52 Day 1 –Their last day together has obviously made these two braver and more forward! A kiss under the mistletoe before Twinkle departs for the North Pole for one last time, thus meaning that she and the Snowman won’t see each other for another 11 months. Meanwhile, the gingerbread sleigh preparations continue, before […]

Week 51 Day 2 – 18th December

Week 51 Day 2 – Twinkle sleeps her hangover off today, with a comfy bed, some calpol and water. Whilst she slept we all went out to meet Father Christmas. play at the funfair and then enjoy Dick Whittington. The thing is, unbeknownst to us, Twinkle must have followed us and the little minx took […]