Twinkle The Elf

Day 23 – On her penultimate visit to us this year, Twinkle found yet another friend and decided to hang out with him for the day, under the mistletoe!!


Day 22 – Twinkle printed the photos of last night to show that she was there at Wonderland with us, and left them out for the children to view, along with a text conversation she had with Santa!


Day 21 – later…..Twinkle followed us to visit Santa, without the kids knowing



but she kept appearing where we were, hiding just out of view



although she did get in a bit of leisure time herself and went on the tea cup ride and had a lovely time!



Day 21 – The children love Beano. Today, Clever Twinkle delivered a Whizzer and Chips magazine to each of them (and even had her own), which my children tell me is the precursor to Beano and it is so old it does not even have a date!!! Needless to say, they are delighted. Needless to say, I am not sure their facts are straight but I am glad they are happy!! elf21-2-edit

Day 20 – I had a marathon wrapping day and, as I had not managed to finish it all, Twinkle decided to help out!elf-10-of-10

Day 19 – Her appetite back, Twinkle found a safe haven in the newly constructed gingerbread house. Luckily the children had already eaten all the roof and door sweets!elf-2-of-10

Day 18 – It was a bit cheeky of Twinkle to ask us to clean up her mess!elf-3-of-4

Day 17 – I think the trauma of wrapping-gate, gave Twinkle an upset stomach!

elf-1-of-4Day 16 – Poor Twinkle, the boy elves got a bit cheeky and locked Twinkle in the living room by wrapping up the door!elf-16-9-of-19

Day 15 – Redeeming herself by finding more Christmas decorations and Santa himself, Twinkle earned herself a sit-down. christmaslighta-7-of-61-as-smart-object-1-copy

Day 14 – Just as we were thinking that Twinkle had not been as mischievous as in previous years, we found her eating chocolate from an advent calendar (not hers!), having climbed on the head of a styling dolly!chiristmaslights-2-as-smart-object-1-copy

Day 13 – The kids are back into Monopoly and so Twinkle decided to get in on the action and play with her mates, though she used £50 notes! The children did notice that they were not really following the rules properly!elf13-2

Day 12 – Twinkle decided to make beer reindeer, but the naughty elf couldn’t help herself and had to drink a bottle whilst turning herself into one too.elf12-5

Day 11 – There had to be a day when Twinkle had an easy quiet place to go and this one was kept in reserve for any late nights! This morning, it was a welcome sight to view Twinkle in a vase posing with some freesias, watched over by a reindeer. elf-2-of-2-edit-copy

Day 10 – Twinkle found her Christmas jumper to wear and even left some out for the children. The kids then found her tinkling on the ivories, obviously inspired to play music by her festival jumper a la Val Doonican (only older readers will get that reference!!) elf-1-of-2-edit-copyelf-1-of-1-edit-copy

Day 9 – Twinkle put up a gorgeous birch twig Christmas tree and even managed lights again, but this time kept herself out of their way!elf-20

Day 8 – Today the elves decided that our ceiling lights had been kept up high and out of the way for far too long (we had tied them up so they were not vulnerable during a party). They started to cut them loose again, but then had too much fun swinging on the giant pom poms! elf-6

Day 7 – Her elf buddies joined Twinkle today and together they put the lights on the tree, but got themselves in a bit of a tangle!

elfDay 6 – Twinkle found the singing Christmas penguin and pulled crackers with him, but she won the loaded water pistol whilst he only received a Christmas poem and a joke! She had him cornered.  elf6-7

Day 5 – Back at home, I ran out of time to put stars on my daughter’s nativity costume and Twinkle came to my rescue and did it for me, and hung it up on her peg ready for school!elf4-17

Day 4 – Somehow Twinkle the Elf found the children at their Granny and Grandpa’s house and she even bought them elf pictures to  colour in as well as some stickers, so that she could take them back to Santa for them. elf4-6

Day 3 – Still shattered after our holiday and late nights, I have not had the time nor energy to look for our little advent calendar, much to the children’s annoyance, but today Twinkle came to my rescue and found it, hung it up and even managed to put a few lovely chocolates in the pockets for them. They had searched for ages to find the elf today and were delighted when they finally found her; sometimes the simplest set-up’s are the most effective!


Day 2 – After a few hours sleep, the children were met with a message from Twinkle in the morning, letting them know she was ready for some fun. She provided each with a cereal box and obviously has some breakfast herself!twinkle2-fb-copy

Day 1 – we arrived back from holiday very late, almost missing the first day of December (well actually we did miss it by an hour!), but somehow, Twinkle had yet again appeared and, bored waiting for us, had found some sweets left over from Halloween and she’d eaten a fair few. She wrote a note to the children and gave them all an advent calendar. What a lovely welcome home.

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