Week 39 Day 7 – 30th September

Week 40 Day 7 – Today I took some more ‘shutter’ photo’s, as commissioned by my friend for her new business venture. The nice consequence was that Willow and I got to spend a morning at Sue’s house with all Willow’s friends, as Sue is a child minder. Willow is not looked after by Sue […]

Week 39 Day 3 – 26th September

Week 39 Day 3 – My parents have been married for 50th years and came over for a lunch to celebrate, along with my sisters and various other family members. Only Willow and myself were home at the time, as Paul and the boys were on a cub camp. Willow enjoyed time with family members […]

2015 Week 38 Days 1- 7, Week 39 Day 1; 17th -23rd September,

2015 Week 38 We have all felt quite ill this week and so I didn’t take many pictures as I have been too busy just trying to keep organised with everything. This included tidying up what vegetables are left growing and I had my trusty helper with me. I played with back lighting here (sun) […]

2015 Week 37 Day 2, 11th September

2015 Week 37 Day 2 – Willow and I went to meet Granny to look at fabrics as she is reupholstering our dining chairs. I quite fancy this one, but Willow clearly preferred the brown tones! We then had a quick pub lunch by the river, but Willow had a strop about something. Luckily, her […]