2015 Week 38 Days 1- 7, Week 39 Day 1; 17th -23rd September,

2015 Week 38

We have all felt quite ill this week and so I didn’t take many pictures as I have been too busy just trying to keep organised with everything. This included tidying up what vegetables are left growing and I had my trusty helper with me. I played with back lighting here (sun) just to see the effects. Quite fun I think.

Willow-1 Willow-2 AliShutters-10

As my computer needed a new battery, my little helper and I went into town to get it replaced and have some girlie time together which included shopping and lunch. Willow-4Willow-3

Beautiful handpicked flowers just to get a photo today!iphoneSep2015-12

2015 Week 39, day 1

Hide and seek on the way home from school. It’s a little game that if the kids hide in this spot, I can’t see them! Oh the fun we have here – HOURS worth of fun, waiting on the street corner for them to come out and I can ‘SEE’ them again. Oh how I laugh. ……..Hiding-1 Hiding-2


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