Week 39 Day 3 – 26th September

Week 39 Day 3 – My parents have been married for 50th years and came over for a lunch to celebrate, along with my sisters and various other family members. Only Willow and myself were home at the time, as Paul and the boys were on a cub camp. Willow enjoyed time with family members […]

2013 Week 38

This week started off so cold, that it seemed as if summer were already a distant memory and whether or not to turn the heating on was a main conversation topic! And then the sun came back to pay a visit, and stayed. The heating stayed off and coats were put away once again. Yey. […]

2013 Week 37

It is obvious that our summer is over; the weather has really ‘turned’ now with a chill in the air most apparent in the early mornings on our way to school. There has also been rain. Lots of rain. But, it is September, so I guess that is what’s expected, but I had been really […]