2013 Week 38

This week started off so cold, that it seemed as if summer were already a distant memory and whether or not to turn the heating on was a main conversation topic! And then the sun came back to pay a visit, and stayed. The heating stayed off and coats were put away once again. Yey. So, of course, I welcomed an opportunity to take some photo’s of my local area.

This house was being built when I did a 365 photo project and I monitored its progress every few months. Think its pretty much established now!2013Week37-5-Edit

An old favourite, Didcot Power station  – now decommissioned, so no more smoke billowing out, just natural fluffy white clouds nowadays.


The piggies have come back to stay near us again, so we can say hello whilst on our weekend walkies.


And of course, with the boys busy my main photographic subject continues to be Willow.

Willowwk38PTM Happy Saturday Template

I added this photo in as I forgot it last week, but I love it of Granny and Granddaughter, even though I realise it’s not as sharp as it could be.untitled-217-Edit-2

5 thoughts on “2013 Week 38

  1. that bottom right picture of Willow in the laout is hilarious – fantastic expression! Are they going to take Didcot power station down? Keep thinking I should go take photos of it while I can if it is due for demolition?

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