2013 Week 37

It is obvious that our summer is over; the weather has really ‘turned’ now with a chill in the air most apparent in the early mornings on our way to school. There has also been rain. Lots of rain. But, it is September, so I guess that is what’s expected, but I had been really enjoying our glorious summer.

Perhaps due to  the downward movement of temperatures, I have not taken my camera out much. I have been busy trying to get on top of all those things that have been piling up over the summer, and I can actually get some jobs done now whilst the baby sleeps, if Felix is at pre school and the others at school.

When Felix is with us, he has taken to using my computer or ipad to play learning games! As he is almost 4, he thinks he should be at school with his friends and brothers,  so I looked for some stimulating games to play. He is now hooked! It is a job to get him away from the screen, but as it is all educational and on a free trial, for the time being, I am happy for him to play when it is not appealing to spend much time outdoors.


We had a lovely weekend staying with Granny and Grandpa’s, but catching up with old friends from school and university. In between socialising, I finally managed to get some photos of the children with their adored grandparents.

Sensible first born


Mischievous second born – look how he is being held in place!


All three lovely boys


And all the children together.


2 thoughts on “2013 Week 37

  1. oh my godness don’t you look like your Mum!! And I see where you get your anti-aging looks from now. I shall be having words with my own mother about why we don’t have that gene in our family!! Well done for getting the camera out to get some lovely pics of them together – I am rubbish at getting the grandparents in shots I have to say. The children are used to my camera but my parents still tend to get all awkward and embarassed when it appears on a non-special-occasion day.

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