2013 Week 36

Finally, the return to school and the kids were very happy to reunite with friends, and Barnaby even said he was looking forward to maths games on the netbook! Alexei is practicing his pose for a future modelling career perhaps?

2013NewTermAutumn-7I put this photo in just to remind myself that sometimes these two can get along!

2013NewTermAutumn-13Barnaby has become rather keen on my camera (and computer) and I am beginning to let him take some pictures as he really is being careful. How strange to be the other side of the camera!2013NewTermAutumn-49Felix is disappointed to not actually be starting school, but his sessions at pre school have slightly increased which is some consolation. Another consolation was a trip to the cafe and juice, ice lolly and a sticker book. I had to wrestle the cake from the baby just to get a taste!

1175486_10151907547438885_1155277621_nAnd then, with Felix safely in pre school, Willow wonders why the house is so quiet and looks for the boys!2013NewTermAutumnBefore practicing her standing and walking around and around and around (hanging on to my fingers)



Not to be out done on the cuteness front, Charlie, my 15 and a half year old cat, continues to amaze me in how spritely and  handsome he still is.


At the weekend, my husband was slightly distracted with signing in for and then competing in a triathalon! The sudden appearance of  flowers was a welcome treat, especially as I love sunflowers, and how lovely to be asked to remind him what other flowers would be appreciated in the future (gerbras and freesias sprang to mind).



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