2013 Week 35

We enjoyed the glamping last week, largely due  to meeting new friends. Camping this week was all about old friends and hanging out together with lots of fun and games.

Pembrokeshire2013Aug Pembrokeshire2013Aug-21 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-30Pembrokeshire2013Aug-50Meanwhile, Willow carried on getting help wherever she could find it.Pembrokeshire2013Aug-16Felix chose to be buried in the sand, and wouldn’t get out!

Pembrokeshire2013Augiphone-6 Willow, as ever, wanted to join in!Pembrokeshire2013Augiphone-8 On our last day we finally explored St David’s, the beautiful town with such an impressive cathedral that made me sad to only have my iphone, but I was pretty pleased with the pictures nevertheless. Pembrokeshire2013Augiphone-6-2 Pembrokeshire2013Augiphone-7Pembrokeshire2013Augiphone-8-2


Back at home, Willow made the most of access to the contents of the fridge


Before deciding whether toast or broccoli is nicer?

2013week35bekonscot-7-2 2013week35bekonscot-14-2
This summer, I feel that Barnaby has really discovered for himself the enjoyment of reading. Captain Underpant’s has really captured his imagination and he has taken to reading in bed with a torch, all night if we forget to check up on him until our bedtime! I am so pleased he now knows the wonder of books and it was lovely to participate in the Creepy House challenge set by the library and receive stickers and a medal for all that he has read. The other boys love their books too, and happily joined in the fun.



At nearly 14 months, Willow is so mobile and active and loves to climb.2013week35bekonscot-170Luckily, she has masted climbing on to and sitting atop the little chairs.

2013week35bekonscot-174 2013week35bekonscot-176 Just before school started again, we took the kids to the model village called Bekonscot. We didn’t know what to expect; I found it quaint and quintessentially English, but I was also glad that I had won a free family ticket to go there (which obviously is only for 2 adults and 2 children as who on earth would have more than two kids?).

As I am a bit fed up taking my camera and zoom with me on family days, due to its bulk and the attention it draws, I decided to use a cheap 50mm prime lens only. It fitted into a little handbag, and was so much lighter and easier to handle that having a zoom lens on. I might just be converted and stop talking about buying yet another camera for days out!

2013week35bekonscot-5 2013week35bekonscot-4 2013week35bekonscot-14 2013week35bekonscot-27 2013week35bekonscot-9 2013week35bekonscot-13 2013week35bekonscot-66 2013week35bekonscot-7 2013week35bekonscot-23 2013week35bekonscot-28 2013week35bekonscot-35 2013week35bekonscot-40 2013week35bekonscot-76 2013week35bekonscot-80 2013week35bekonscot-89 2013week35bekonscot-88 2013week35bekonscot-90 2013week35bekonscot-91 2013week35bekonscot-94 2013week35bekonscot-114 2013week35bekonscot-128 2013week35bekonscot-132 2013week35bekonscot-148

Of course, a family day out always ends in tears and tantrums (See Felix running away in the above ‘family’ shot?). Always good to include the pictures that tell it like it is – here we tried to get the kids in a shot together and at least one is crying and another missing. So my mission continues!2013week35bekonscot-1652013week35bekonscot-166

3 thoughts on “2013 Week 35

    • YEs will try that lens more often – feels like a lightweight camera now. The beauty of having under 5 year olds still, is that all books get taken out on their cards and no fines ever!!! Librarians probably think they are genuis!

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