2013 Week 34

So our first morning of camping and I managed to make some pancakes, which went down a treat in the beautiful countryside.

Glamping2013August-7-2 Glamping2013August-8

We barely had time to eat them before joining the rest of the guests in a guided tour of the farm. The farmer was so relaxed with the kids and let them climb all over his tractors! Felix looked completely at home,

Glamping2013August-38 Glamping2013August-42

whilst Alexei struggled to get the point of them I feel.

Glamping2013August-75 Glamping2013August-81

Then we waited for the sheep to come and wave them off “On their holiday”. Apparently, they were off to Wales, where we will be next week, and the farmers told the kiddies that we could see them in the resort of “Tesco’s”. Not sure any child worked that one out….

Glamping2013August-119 Glamping2013August-123 Glamping2013August-109

Then it was time to gather hay to feed Dolly, the toothless old sheep, whilst all Willow could do was look on!

Glamping2013August-138 Glamping2013August-139

Glamping2013August-144 Glamping2013August-131 Glamping2013August-149

We then walked around the farm whilst the combine harvester was at work! He is one chilled out farmer!

Glamping2013August-39 Glamping2013August-25Glamping2013August-13 Glamping2013August-2Glamping2013August Glamping2013August-58Glamping2013August-9 Glamping2013August-7Glamping2013August-59 Glamping2013August-60 Glamping2013August-153

Although we had a great bunch of people also staying as guests on the farm, I obviously don’t publish pictures of any children apart from my own,  but a dad is fair game right?



The kids loved the swing

Glamping2013August-182 Glamping2013August-201 Glamping2013August-199

and the chickens we were looking after. I think Willow was after their food here!


and then illness struck Willow down and the poor baby had trouble with her breathing. The amazing UK national health service came to the rescue and we were taken to the hospital where she was treated with oxygen and a salbutamol inhaler.

Luckily, after an overnight stay, she was deemed well enough to go ‘home’ and so we rejoined the boys and her recovery was reassured to us when she helped daddy with a bowl of cereal.


The boys were delighted with her return and made her an honorary ninja toilet roll headband.

Glamping2013August-4 Glamping2013August-32

Glamping2013August-34 Glamping2013August-36

Willow had fun rediscovering the tent


Glamping2013August-234 Glamping2013August-242

And we all had a final good nights sleep.


Before clearing up and ‘ta-dah’, this is what it actually looked like!

Glamping2013August23rd-78 Glamping2013August23rd-80 Glamping2013August23rd-83 Glamping2013August23rd-84

Before we said goodbye

Glamping2013August23rd-91 Glamping2013August23rd-95

Glamping2013August23rd-92 Glamping2013August23rd-76

Barnaby is interested in my camera nowadays and so I let him take some pictures. I quite like this jaunty angle; makes my legs look nice and long!


We then drove over to Wales and had an afternoon stopover at Swansea.Glamping2013August23rd-135 Glamping2013August23rd-109

This picture captures perfectly the craziness of my boys!

Glamping2013August23rd-121 Glamping2013August23rd-129

And Willow carries on recovering well and devours a papadum, before we see the red fountain (?)

Glamping2013August23rd-146 Glamping2013August23rd-158

And settle down to a good nights sleep.


Then another drive on to Pemborkeshire and for our camping leg of the holiday! All the kids, including Willow lent a hand getting organised!

Pembrokeshire2013Aug Pembrokeshire2013Aug-172 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-4

Now she is confident on her feet but not walking on her own, Willow charms everyone into taking her for a walk.

Pembrokeshire2013Aug-21 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-138 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-109 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-125

and even has a go on a bicycle.


Before letting Felix practise.

Pembrokeshire2013Aug-44 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-89

Once the tent was up we headed for the beach. Barnaby takes after me and feels the cold. He was NOT tempted to explore the waves, unlike the others…

Pembrokeshire2013Aug-39 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-42

The next day we had fun on the beach and all joined in, especially Willow!

Pembrokeshire2013Aug-195 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-235Pembrokeshire2013Aug-205 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-214Pembrokeshire2013Aug-225 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-228Pembrokeshire2013Aug-242 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-251Pembrokeshire2013Aug-259 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-264

Finally, two of them dressed and just looking really sweet.

Glamping2013August-190 Pembrokeshire2013Aug-45

2 thoughts on “2013 Week 34

  1. somehow I missed this post! Some wonderful photos. Love the detail shot of Willows hand in the heart – and the ninja headban of course! Was the glamping a featherdown farm holiday? (are your photos deliberately posted small as they come up really little on my pc? Could just be my aging eyes!)

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