2013 Week 33

Yep, the kids are now going bonkers, the second week in to the holidays of ‘just’ being at home, even though we have had play dates, days out, cinema, trips to town, Granny visiting, soft play etc. So, it was nice to get away for a bit and to go out for a jog one evening and to run through all this magnificent scenery. I stopped to take pics with my camera phone, but they just didn’t do the vista justice and also a black smudge mark runs up one side , so upon my return home, I grabbed my camera and returned to take some photos with wide angle and telephoto lenses as the sun was well on its way to setting. The next day, the farmers came out in full force to take away the bales, so I am glad I bothered when so often I do not!

12thAugust2013-41 12thAugust2013-43 12thAugust2013-46-2

12thAugust2013-46 12thAugust2013-47 12thAugust2013-44

12thAugust2013-57 12thAugust2013-54

I then started thinking about our next little holiday and what to pack. Willow decided she would help me leave the house in a presentable state to come back to.


And then we set off for our ‘Glamping’. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera to hand when we arrived at the farm and so I could not capture how beautiful the tent looked, and our big family soon trashed it! The boys were so excited with it, and so were we in all honesty. The bed in a cupboard was a real hit!



Glamping2013August-10 Glamping2013August-13

I think that we are going to have great fun here for the next four nights.

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