2015 Week 34 Day 7 – 26th August

2015 Week 34 Day 7 – With the lights still up on the living room, Willow and Felix decided to run around and pose. And Felix also wanted to show off his new helmet, a hand me down from a friend, as well as his new school shoes!! But as the rainy day brighten, I […]

2015 Week 34 Day 4 – 23rd August

2015 Week 34 Day 4 – We had a football training session today as the coach is so keen to keep the boys playing! Willow turned up in a fairy outfit and football boots of course! After lunch we went to a local skateboard park, where I tried to master high speed flash synch.  I […]

2015 Week 34 Day 2 – 21st August

2015 Week 34 Day 2 – It all started so well (sort of). A bribe of crisps after a quick photo session, on the way home from swimming lessons, and all were cooperating, apart from the sun which was far too strong! Then something went wrong and Willow got upset. Alexei sympathised…. but she stormed […]

2015 Week 34 Day 1 – 20th August

2015 Week 34 Day 1 – ANOTHER trip to Legoland! It was much busier today, but we were quite relaxed about it and went on a few rides perhaps aimed at the younger kids as they were not as busy as the main attractions.  The boys even tried the climbing wall – with mixed results! […]