2014 Week 34 Day 1

2014 Week 34 Day 1 – Another busy day means a lot of photographs again. The day started with fencing and so as not to have the little ones missing out, they were given floppy swords to play with. Poor Willow, being constantly chased by Felix. Lucky she is a toughie! The bog boys themselves, […]

2014 Week 33 Day 7

2014 Week 33 Day 7 – The reason I booked this resort was not only the swimming pool, but also the activities for the children. The kids loved the jet skis, though Felix had more fun  falling off than staying on I think! And Barnaby really enjoyed the propeller that helped him be even more […]

2013 Week 31

Still on  our camping holiday, we had lots of fun around the campsite and spending time with family who were still around after the wedding. Barnaby took this one of Auntie Karin The two brothers – mirror image? We raided a knights shop …. and were asked to leave. Poor Felix – he was in […]