2014 Week 34 Day 1

2014 Week 34 Day 1 – Another busy day means a lot of photographs again. The day started with fencing and so as not to have the little ones missing out, they were given floppy swords to play with. Poor Willow, being constantly chased by Felix. Lucky she is a toughie!

FencingFencing-3The bog boys themselves, took it very seriously. Though they are the biggest in our house, compared to others they are the small ones, and as usual were made to fight against each other.Fencing2Fencing-1I think it was a drew between them, but then at the end Felix snuck in with a sneaky blow and stole the show!Fencing-2

Afterwards, Alexei insisted on painting a penguin! And Willow did her Horrid Henry nah nah ne nah nah pose!

Then it was off to swimming fun. I love how they drop swimming hats full of water on the boys to get them to fit! Ingenious. swim And I love how handsome B looks on these inflatables, when he is not conscious of the camera, just of having fun!swim2 Felix, of course, again decided to spend more time in the water than on his machine.swim3 The big boys and daddy then went for a bike ride and so I took the littlies on an adventure walk. Well, Willow walked, lazy Felix sat in the pram and fell asleep. Willow walked miles and miles….walk… and then suddenly got tired. Though she doesn’t look ill here, she then went rapidly downhill when we got back and was feverish and lethargic the rest of the afternoon/night.
walk3 Meanwhile Felix got his burst of energy at the very end of the walk!walk4 Before we leave this place, I though I would show you what our caravan park looked like – well, our small corner anyway.caravan

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