2014 Week 34 Day 2

2014 Week 34 Day 2 – As Willow was still feeling under the weather, and the weather itself was under par, we decided to have a quiet morning, with a bit of rest and relaxation which, for the kids of course, meant a bit of telly watching.


SummerHols2014-2In the afternoon however, the grown ups could take it no longer and we dragged everyone out for a walk in the POURING rain but back in the heart of the gorgeous lakes! iphonesummer2014-43We did have waterproofsiphonesummer2014-44 but some were still not happy about it, AT ALL, and moaned the whole way round!iphonesummer2014-45 iphonesummer2014-46I should say that Willow had perked up for this walk and LOVED it – she loves to be outdoors (unless the telly’s on, of course!)


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