2014 New Year’s Eve

2014 New Year’s Eve – This probably says it all?   Or perhaps this?   Or, sign of the modern age, this? Anyway, happy new year to one and all. I hope 2015 is happy and healthy for you all. We had a good one, all my family together, apart from uncle and aunt, the […]

2014 Week 52 Day 7

2014 Week 52 Day 7 – We started the day off experimenting with Felix’s Kitchen Science, a present from his lovely Godmother. Then, for some reason, the boys decided to have a lemon drinking contest (perhaps Barnaby had read the entry on it in the Guiness Book of Records 2015?) Then we managed to get […]

2014 Week 52 Day 2

2014 Week 52 Day 2 – Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everyone. Ours didn’t start too early, thank goodness, which was useful as I know it will be a long day! Everyone had received new PJ’s on Christmas Eve, as Twinkle’s departing gift, and they all wore them this morning as they ran in to find […]

2014 Week 52 Day 1

2014 Week 52 Day 1 – Christmas Eve. Wow. It is here again; that came around fast! Sadly for us, it means the last we will see of Twinkle for this year. The little elf took to glitter glue and wrote us a farewell message. Aaahh, we will miss her and her antics! After a […]