2014 Week 52 Day 2

2014 Week 52 Day 2 – Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everyone. Ours didn’t start too early, thank goodness, which was useful as I know it will be a long day! Everyone had received new PJ’s on Christmas Eve, as Twinkle’s departing gift, and they all wore them this morning as they ran in to find their stockings


2014ChristmasDay-1They all seemed to be pleased with their gifts, and knew that biggest isn’t always best.
2014ChristmasDay-2 I love this self made card that Barnaby gave to us.2014ChristmasDay-4 After some presents had been opened, I cracked on with preparing food for my family who were descending upon us for lunch. 2014ChristmasDay-28 And here they are, scoffing away (thank you Granny for the meats – the main part of the meal!).2014ChristmasDay-5.jpg-2Barnaby tried to organise us for a Christmas tune, as per instructions from the crackers containing whistles, but it was a bit of a shambles. Grandpa is always a bit cheeky with these games and won’t listen to the instructions and goes off piste. 2014ChristmasDay-5.jpg-1 Willow was a live wire the whole day, before having a power nap on Auntie Fiona’s lap.2014ChristmasDay-5.jpg-3 The Christmas pudding (thanks again to Granny), was made all the more excited with Barnaby’s laser show.2014ChristmasDay-8 And then on to my favourite photos of the day. Grandpa was on great form and played and played with Willow all day. She lapped the attention up and they were just so cute together!  WillowGrandpa

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