2014 Week 32 Day 6

2014 Week 32 Day 6 – Barnaby was so grumpy yesterday and started off today the same. He and Alexei were at each other all morning, so I decided to put them in the garden to sort it out. Here is Barnaby contemplating life!


Once we managed to get out and about and hit the town, we marvelled at this clothes shop window display. How clever!August2014Wk32Day6iphone-7

Before indulging in an ice cream. All friends again. August2014Wk32Day6iphone-12 Back at home Willow got the picnic lunch readyAugust2014Wk32Day6iphone-1 before falling asleep and so allowing the boys and I to have fun at the pool without distraction. For the first time in 8 years I actually got to swim some lengths without interruption and enjoy 10 minutes in the jacuzzi, though I always wonder at the point of those! It is such a nice stage to be at as the boys are such good swimmers now, especially Felix, considering he is still only 4. The way Willow is going, she will soon be catching up too.Swimming Back at the cottage, still without Paul, I decided to play with exposures and flash. I got this fun one before the rain came down. Spooky!!August2014Wk32Day6-7

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