2014 Week 32 Day 5

2014 Week 32 Day 5 – As expected, the weather turned today. For us here in The lake District, and for Paul down in the Cotswolds. We were ok, as we had a telly, a walk down to the village to buy some supplies, and then a lovely swim in our shared pool. Paul, however, had over 13 hours in the rain swimming, biking and running! As far as I am aware, ironman events have a strict time limit of 17 hours to complete the race and any participant that manages to complete the triathlon within these timings becomes an ironman. So, I am married to an iron man! That must make me the Iron Lady (hee hee).

photo 3

Meanwhile oop-North, we splashed in puddles,

August2014iphone-2August2014iphone-3and Felix carried on his workbook, colouring in beautifully

August2014Wk32Day5-2 he seems to have been bitten by the colouring bug after his cousin gave him her unwanted colouring setAugust2014Wk32Day5-4 hmm, which to chose, which to chose?August2014Wk32Day5-8So he was happy before he fell into the door handle and hurt his eye. August2014Wk32Day5iphone-1

His brothers have been teasing him about the shiner he will get. All he wanted was a plaster and I didn’t have any, but I also wouldn’t know how to get one on there! He would not let me touch it either, and as I could see it is only a small cut I thought it would be ok  to leave it until the morning when he might feel more brave.


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