2015 Week 23 Days 2 & 3 – 5th,6th June

2015 Week 23 Day 2 – Willow was really off colour today and spent most of it sleeping in her pushchair whilst I caught up with a friend at a cafe, but then she later perked up when the boys had their swimming lesson, and even decided to have a shower there!

2015JuneiPhone-306 2015JuneiPhone-304

I don’t normally talk about my nights out, but I can’t resist showing you my pudding contribution for a dinner party we went to where the theme was mountain, as the three husbands are doing a mountain run challenge later on in the summer. This was a home made layered ice cream mountain (dark choc with vanilla in the middle) and topped with rocky road biscuits (carrying on the pun) and drizzled in melted coconut chocolate. It was hard, but delish.2015JuneiPhone-308

2015 Week 23 Day 3  –

Carrying on the food theme, sausages cooked on the grill outside, just cos it’s summer.


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