2015 Week 23 Days 4 & 5 – 7th, 8th June

2015 Week 23 Day 4 – Good friends of my (deceased) in-laws came over for lunch today and it was so lovely to see them. So lovely, in fact, that my brother-in-law came over from Poland to join in the fun too.

Sunday-1 Sunday-2

After a very long lunch, we took a trip round the corner, to look at our new house. Sunday-3 2015June-393

The girls spent the day being cute,


Sunday-4  2015June-320

as did the cats, who are enjoying their new playground outside!


2015 Week 23 Day 5 – After a busy weekend, Willow suddenly crashed and burned and spots that I had first noticed yesterday, now appeared suspiciously like chicken pox! A mum doctor at school confirmed this, and so all activities today and for the foreseeable future, are cancelled!



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