2015 Week 17 Day 2, 24th April

2015 Week 17 Day 2 – Us girls went for a walk in the bluebell woods today. It is the start of the bluebells season and they looked amazing! As did the ladies. And a rare photo with me in!! After an invigorating walk, we were treated to lunch by Karin, and it was rather […]

2014 Week 19 Day 4

2014 Week 19 Day 4 – My very lovely friend who borrowed my lights gave us the play kitchen her children have grown out of. I thought Willow would love it, and she does, but so does a certain big brother!! He got to play whilst Willow slept. When she awoke, rather then cry out, she decided […]

2014 Week 2

Week 2, day 1 – I am in love! I have a new washing machine that has a 11kg drum. At almost twice the capacity of my old machine, I feel like I can now cope with my washing loads. I am even beginning to enjoy it and have started separating clothes out into different colours […]