2014 Week 19 Day 4

2014 Week 19 Day 4 – My very lovely friend who borrowed my lights gave us the play kitchen her children have grown out of. I thought Willow would love it, and she does, but so does a certain big brother!! 2014weeks18_19-250-EditHe got to play whilst Willow slept. When she awoke, rather then cry out, she decided to grab all the clothes from her drawers next to her cot, and try them on! 2014weeks18_19-263-EditThat night, Paul and I got invited to a 50th birthday surprise supper. I wouldn’t normally write about this, but tonight we were spoiled with fine wines from the cellars of Oxford University, as well as an amazing chef (and incidentally a friend of mine) brought in to cater for us. As you can imagine, we ate well and drunk well this night! Yum.iPhone-79-Edit iPhone-80-Edit

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