2014 Week 2

Week 2, day 1 – I am in love! I have a new washing machine that has a 11kg drum. At almost twice the capacity of my old machine, I feel like I can now cope with my washing loads. I am even beginning to enjoy it and have started separating clothes out into different colours (ie washing whites on their own) AND I have even bought different washing powders for whites and coloureds. I do look at the labels on the clothes a bit more now, but still often ignore the dashes you get under the temperature number (that I had not even noticed before), as my machine has an easy to understand program selection. And, perhaps most importantly of all, a child lock!! It works so well that for the first 15 minutes I thought the machine didn’t work as I couldn’t move any dials and it kept bleeping at me! Let’s see if you can work that one out Miss WIllow!!


Week 2, day 2 – so, Miss Willow strikes. The cupboards are raided and first the peppercorns, and then the quinoa and tea bags, are ripped open and scattered all over the floor! Grr, she keeps me on my toes this little girl. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t like the taste of peppercorns! Next she went to the fridge…. Day2

Week 2, day 3 – Homework day and Alexei gets to grips with his number challenges.Day3_2014Week2day7-26-Edit

Week 2, day 4 – For an online challenge, I was trying to get a picture that conveyed smell. With the help of Barnaby, we got Willow to sniff her fingers!!


Week 2, day 5 – Aaaah. In a rare moment of quiet between these two, I managed to captured a lovely interaction between my youngest two.

Week 2, day 6 – Bath time. And she’s quiet.


Week 2, day 7 – But not for long! She is 18 months old and shouts at me and bosses me around.Day7_2014Week2day7-38-Edit-Edit

So, above is my 2014 week 2 in summary. We are back at school and back in to the routine. We also managed to finish writing our Christmas thank you cards, and the boys did it in a fun way by using these jigsaw letter stickers.2014Week_2-8-Edit-Edit

With writing like this, it didn’t seem fair to give people cards and they not have a clue what was written!!


After all that effort, it was time for a wind down – even the baby is an ipad addict!
2014Week_2-11-Edit-EditAlthough they still like a good book!
Although these potatoes don’t look that appealing, they were delicious! The secret ingredient? Orange rind and chilli flakes. Yum, and the heart was a cute fluke.

2014Week2-17-Edit-EditWillow enjoyed them so much she climbed onto the table for more.
2014Week2day7-21-Edit Before being cleaned up in the bath2014Week2day7-37-Edit 2014Week2day7-40-Edit 2014Week2day7-41-Edit 

4 thoughts on “2014 Week 2

    • Thanks for your encouragement I am really happy to try to take a photo each day again and have been pleased with the results so far. Miss Willow is a monkey with the cupboards and the fridge – even the boys are now putting the child lock in place to stop her!!

  1. Lovely photos. I love all the faces Willow makes. We have fortunately saved our cupboards from being raided by the kids. That means we have empty drawers and shelves for a while. 😉

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