2014 Week 1

So new year brings a new start to the blog. I have sort of agreed to do a 365 again and post on a flickr group page with some friends, so I thought my weekly update could also include these seven pics. When I attempted the 365 a few years ago, I was very strict with my criteria, and it was sometimes hard going! I won’t be as strict this year, I will try to take at least a picture a day, but sometimes I won’t and that won’t matter. However I will still aim to get at least 7 in a week to cover each day. For this blog, I will also add the rest of the pictures I took as it is my online diary for when I am more organised and can make the entires into a book or something!

Week 1, day 1 – the weather at the start of 2014 has been atrocious! To be fair, I think we had a great summer and autumn, so I am not too upset at having rain showers, but it is slightly awkward to have it now when all the kids are around and there are walks to be had. Not in this hail storm though!


Week 1, day 2 – So, with inclement weather, we had to find ways to occupy ourselves indoors, including spaghetti name writing!2014NewYear-19-EditWeek 1, day 3 – and on 3rd Jan, Willow turned 18 months! How she has changed. One day, I will put all these monthly reports in one photo to see how much.2014NYDeidre-104-Edit-Edit Week 1, day 4 – a nice cuddle with Granny, and though Granny has yet to hear Willow say “Granny”, she does!2014NYDeidre-82-EditWeek 1, day 5 – My old man. Won’t tell you his age, but like his wife above, I think he looks amazing!! This is a rare moment with him not pulling a face with a camera pointing at him.
Week 1, day 6 – A afternoon ice skating at Hampton Court Palace. Stunning location and great fun. Thanks Auntie Fi for helping us out with this activity.2014Week2-7-Edit-Edit Week 1, day 7 – Back to school. Smiles all round.BoysSchool

So above was my first week of 2014 in summary. All were taken with my new macro lens, with various degrees of success! I am still finding my way around it, but am happy I got it.

For the rest of my photos, here follows a gist of what we did this first week. After spending the night at a hotel in Richmond whilst the kids were cared for by my parents, we came back home and spent time playing with new presents before returning to London to meet up with my Aunt who did a detour after a cruise holiday to see the Northern Lights [which she didn’t 😦 ] before going home to Australia via Dubai or somewhere – it all got muddled in my head as she was explaining to us; probably as she had numerous interuptions!

First off though, we took the boys skating to Hampton Court Ice Rink whilst granny and Great Auntie watched Willow, which was probably as exhausting for them as the skating was for us!

2014Week2-5-Edit-EditThen back to Granny and Grandpa’s house for more of a catch up with family, including big cousin Lucy, with whom the boys are smitten. Can you see why?



The kids were happy with their Norwegian trolls, and were happy to give cuddles – well a couple of them, anyway! Deirdre3 Upsmall

Deidre6up Collage Templage

Here are the rest of the photos taken the first week in January, before school/pre school started.Barnu3 up Collage Templage




4 thoughts on “2014 Week 1

  1. Thanks for encouraging me! I have you to thank for all these numerous projects on the go. I took the one of them sleeping as Granny had pushed two beds together and they were sleeping width ways across them both! It worked surprisingly well.

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