2013 week 52

The last week of 2013 began with Christmas Eve and after a visit to the church, we joined many other villagers in the annual torchlit procession and carol service. This year the procession could not be organised due to bridge closures elsewhere and so our road over the Thames had to be kept open. It didn’t deter hundreds from turning up with torches and singing traditional Christmas carols. 

Willow loved the atmosphere and liked to run around in amongst the crowds until daddy put a stop to her fun!2013Christmasiphone-25-Edit

Then it was back home to prepare for the big day. This included a tidy up, of sorts!! Well time for proper tidying is surely in the new year?


My sister then arrived with her children and the start of Christmas was well and truly underway.


They left ON Christmas morning after opening presents from Father Christmas, to spend the rest of the day with our parents and other sister and family. Which meant we had lunch on our own. Which meant, no need to do stuffing or sauces or even laying the table properly as there was way too much fun to be had to bother with that. As you can see, from our Christmas day family portrait! (Must remember to shut cupboard door in future.)2013ChristmasDay-25-Edit

The boys LOVED their identical shirts and have worn them every day for the Christmas week. Thanks Uncle Marcin and Ciocou Karin for those.BoysshirtPTM Storyboard 3 Up

Here are some photos from Christmas day, and a few days later when my other sister and family came over for lunch. We tried posing in front of the tree again – and you can see the test shots!Xmas2013PTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage

And the final one.MergeChristmas2013Evers-31-EditThe children had some Christmas money to spend and so we agreed to go to Toys R US, which I normally loathe, but using their own money for purchases wasn’t so bad! Willow headed straight for the barbie section! Luckily as she didn’t realise she had any money, she didn’t buy anything and I think that money for her will be banked.2013Christmasiphone-33-Edit

Our last Christmas celebration was ‘Wigilia’, the traditional Christmas Eve vigil supper in Poland, held on December 24, but in this case on the 30th, at Paul’s aunt’s house.

AuntEPTM 2012 9 up Collage TemplageAs Aunt Elizabeth lives near my parents, we negotiated a 24 hour pass for the next night and Paul and myself left the children there whist we went to Richmond Town centre to a hotel and to celebrate. We had a nice meal out, joined the youngsters in a bar afterwards for another tipple and then wandered up into Richmond Park to watch the fireworks in London. The iphone photos of course don’t do it justice, but serve me as a happy reminder!NYE2 Up Vertical

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