2014 Week 10 Day 7

2014 Week 10 Day 7 – No explanation needed, just a nice family shot (of course I could never get all 4 kids in one picture). Boys muddy from football. Girl muddy from puddle jumping. Earlier in the day she gave a lift to Felix who was a bit weary. Whilst she had spent the […]

2014 Week 6

This week I was still  suffering with a sinus infection and hard to focus eyes! So there were not too many photos to start off the week. Then came masses later over a couple of days, which is partly why this post is so late, as it has taken me so long to go over […]

2014 Week 1

So new year brings a new start to the blog. I have sort of agreed to do a 365 again and post on a flickr group page with some friends, so I thought my weekly update could also include these seven pics. When I attempted the 365 a few years ago, I was very strict […]

2013 week 51

The week before Christmas is obviously taken up with wrapping presents and writing cards. It is inevitable that there is a breakage along the way! Sorry Alexei’s godmother. Oops. Hope the others got to their destination safely! I also had an opportunity to take some photos of my husband posing for a book he has […]

2013 Week 41

This week has been taken up with birthday celebrations for a special little boy. Felix turned 4 which is quite possibly the most exciting age ever. Guess who’s 4? Kind big brother kicked off the celebrations by reading him a story! After dropping the big boys at school, I took the little two for a walk […]