2013 Week 41

This week has been taken up with birthday celebrations for a special little boy. Felix turned 4 which is quite possibly the most exciting age ever.

Guess who’s 4?

Felix4thBdayMorning-11 as Smart Object-1

Kind big brother kicked off the celebrations by reading him a story!Felix4thBday-57-Edit

After dropping the big boys at school, I took the little two for a walk to the river and a special birthday treat of coffee and cakes at The Boathouse – well, who said the treat had to be for him? He did get some goodies though, of course.

Felix4thBdayMorning-33 as Smart Object-1
But obviously something was bothering him here on the scooter ride home again! Or maybe he is practising his teenage scowl.

Felix4thBdayMorning-44 as Smart Object-1

We had a fun celebration  at the other “Boat cafe”, chasing ducks and playing with new toys….


….but of course there had to be some tears too



Willow enjoying some birthday cake


At the weekend,  the party was good fun, even though the rain poured down throughout. Thank goodness for soft play.



Willow eating more food……Felix4Party-45


before trying to escapeFelix4Party-23


And in other news, Barnaby finally got his violin from school and has been so good at practising on it and trying to teach me. His playing is already so good, to my ears anyway, and I am looking forward to his future recitals.BarnabyViolin-9-Edit

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