2013 Week 42

My husband said something really lovely to me this week: that he was happy with his life, even though he is working a little bit too hard at the moment. Having just set up his own business this year, that is a good sign! He asked me if I was happy, and I must say that yes, I am. Especially having seen Blue Jasmine at the cinema this week, it struck home how many people there are unhappy with their lives, or circumstances. When I think of my husband and 4 lovely kids, I always smile and think how lucky I am. This is why I like to take so many photos I think; I want the children to see how they lived their formative years and hopefully feel that they had a great childhood.

In their school reviews at parents evening,  my eldest two children made me smile and feel so proud. Alexei is doing so well and likes the more structured learning that year 1 provides. “He will go far” is a comment the teacher made. Though when she described him as quiet, I did wonder if we were talking about the same child!

AlexeiPTM Storyboard 3 Up B

Barnaby is also coming on so well and his teacher was full of praise. He does his work well in class and without fuss, and usually completes his work and gets it right. Again, I wondered if we were talking about the same child as his homework seems to take him FOREVER!! But I think that might be more to do with maximising his one on one time than anything else.

So they are good, and we know how good and jolly Felix is having just turned 4, although he is disappointed to learn that turning 4 does not  mean that he starts school immediately. He still has to wait until next Autumn!

BoysPTM 2012 Foursome Collage Templage

That leaves little Willow, lover of life. She turned 15 months a couple of weeks ago, but I did not have time to do an update. So here is one from this week, even though she has been a bit off colour. The weather was not brilliant to do it outside, and inside is too cluttered this week, with all of Felix’s birthday presents, so the result is a quick session in between rainshowers. At least it shows her standing up! By next month I hope she will captured in walking action!

Willow_PTM 2012 Foursome Collage Templage

To celebrate her walking, and because my sister is getting married next week, shoes were a prominent feature this week. New shiny shoes for the wedding and school, and new boots for the baby, or is she a toddler now? Anyway, she seems happier wearing the boys old shoes. Hmm, we might have trouble ahead.

SHOES_PTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage

6 thoughts on “2013 Week 42

  1. Looks like Willow is getting into shows already – good girl! Always love it when they start talking – special time when they choose which phrases and words are most important to learn first.Love the pirate photos too. I missed your posts while you were away!! 🙂

    • Willow loves shoes, just not always wearing them! Will try to get more posts up soon, but I didn’t take as many at the wedding as I’d have liked. Willow kept me on my toes! Felix makes a good pirate huh?

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