2014 Week 22 Day 1

2014 Week 22 Day 1 – Today I had the pleasure of photographing the most gorgeous 7 day old baby boy. I want to practice new born photography as it might be something I would like to get into as and when I get a bit more time…. but obviously, I have to find the babies […]

2014 Week 13 Day 3

2014 Week 13 Day 3 – Today, my eldest turned 8. I remember so clearly the day he was born and his first year. The rest is a bit muddled due to being pregnant and having 3 other children since then, but little Barnu will always be my baby. He started the day opening some presents, […]

2013 week 51

The week before Christmas is obviously taken up with wrapping presents and writing cards. It is inevitable that there is a breakage along the way! Sorry Alexei’s godmother. Oops. Hope the others got to their destination safely! I also had an opportunity to take some photos of my husband posing for a book he has […]

2013 Week 50

Obviously this time of year is busy with Christmas activities for the children, and this week started with Alexei and his infant school mates performing their nativity show. Alexei had the role of a shepherd and got into character very well, walking on to the stage bent over and heavily leaning on his crook … […]

2013 Week 49

YEY, I am up to date, finally. Phew. As it is so close to Christmas, I have mainly been trying to organise myself for that this week, but when Alexei had the privilege of bringing home Leo The Lion for the weekend, I was under instruction to take pictures of them both over our BUSY […]

2013 Week 48

It’s my birthday. This week starts with my birthday and I found out that I had a surprise coming – when you have 4 young children, it is hard to arrange a surprise as there is lots of organising to do and so I thought I should probably tell Paul this. He told me that […]

2013 Week 43

A lot has been happening these past few weeks, mostly good but mixed with some sadness, that has left me about a month behind in posting! So I will try to get back up to date as soon as I can. Meanwhile to week 43…. This week is mainly taken up with the marriage of […]

2013 Week 42

My husband said something really lovely to me this week: that he was happy with his life, even though he is working a little bit too hard at the moment. Having just set up his own business this year, that is a good sign! He asked me if I was happy, and I must say […]