2014 Week 21 Day 7

2014 Week 21 Day 7 – I do love Miss Willow. Even though she keeps me awake all night by coming in to our bed, usually swapping places with my husband, and then kicks and slaps me endlessly, I just have to look at her and my heart melts. And especially when she is so sleepy the next morning when I have to get up…2014week21Day7-1…. though she never stays asleep for long once I am up. 2014week21Day7-4 Today, as I was thinking about and preparing for a new born baby shoot I am going to do tomorrow, Willow enjoyed looking at the blanket and dressing up box I have, and decided to wear this honcho all day long.   2014week21Day7-10 I wonder if the real baby was as compliant as this one!!2014week21Day7-32

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