2013 Week 50

Obviously this time of year is busy with Christmas activities for the children, and this week started with Alexei and his infant school mates performing their nativity show. Alexei had the role of a shepherd and got into character very well, walking on to the stage bent over and heavily leaning on his crook … playing the part so well that those behind him were almost tripping over themselves! I was in the front row and as soon as Willow saw her big brother, she shouted at him and tried desperately to get to him. Lucky then, that I had forgotten a memory card for my camera (??) and could devote my full attention to keeping her in check whilst enjoying the performance.

So instead of school play photos, here are  the two buddies sharing a bath together:Bath

And here is Willow inspecting her tummy after eating HUGE amounts!! Someone said they hoped she won’t mind these photos when she is older. I hope not, I hope she grows up loving her body just as it is, whatever shape or size she may be. And whilst she is a baby, we both love all her squidgy bits!! Tummy

Here she is doing another inspection, whist checking out iphone apps!WillowPhone

The next evening it was the turn of Barnaby and his year 3 classmates to perform their nativity play, with the year 4 children narrating. I have never seen a play like this, but it was genius. The narrators were very clear and told the story well, whilst the younger children were let loose with their improvisational skills. Barnaby bigged up his performance of a wise man and grooved to the songs and had the biggest smile throughout. He seems so at home on the stage and it really helps his confidence I think. Again, I took no pictures, but am hoping to get some video footage from a friend as a reminder of how happy he was/can be!

And here, again, are brother and sister enjoying some time together as Barnaby chases Willow who is on a climbing mission!


Has anyone told her that book is upside down?

Willow is still a big hit with the year 3 boys and loves when they come over to play.


And here Barnaby and his friend decorated my windows with chalk pens and I think did an amazing job! Who needs fake snow?


Of course, Willow has to inspect. I love her frown! It reminds me of her daddy. WillowDrawingsThe week ended with us baking some cookies – well more me baking in industrial quantities as there are many teachers to thank (and also many broken eggs that needed to be used as I dropped the egg box!). I adapted a recipe and came up with white chocolate and stem ginger cookies, and I must say, they were rather delicious. Alexei insisted on writing out the cards for the teachers with exactly what the cookies were! I like his new flouncy writing style.Biscuits

Meanwhile Willow has an eating session of her own, along with the fat piggy, whom she loves feeding!WillowMacro100mm-23-Edit-Edit

In this first photo, she so reminds me of Barnaby at this age, it is his ‘look’!WillowEating

And to get Christmas really started, out comes the Christmas penguin – who sings “Let it snow”. Willow’s favourite new toy!WillowMacro100mm-1-Edit copy

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