2013 Week 49

YEY, I am up to date, finally. Phew.

As it is so close to Christmas, I have mainly been trying to organise myself for that this week, but when Alexei had the privilege of bringing home Leo The Lion for the weekend, I was under instruction to take pictures of them both over our BUSY BUSY BUSY weekend. So, at swimming, at the vets, meeting Father Christmas, getting a Christmas tree etc.

PTM 2012 Foursome Collage Templage


This is the final A4 sheet we submitted:

Not to be outdone, Barnaby also received Mary & Joseph for a 24 hour period, and he wanted a group shot with them.LeoLionbig-3-Edit

And finally, Willow, in the bath, whilst I was trying out a new macro lens (yes Claire, I bought one!!!!). Now I just need to figure out how to get the results (and sort out my whiter balance).

WillowmacroAnd to keep up with Miss WIllow’s progress, I tried to take her 17 month info board, and though this is not quite what I had in mind, the sibling affection was too good to pass by.


And, of course, it meant that the others had to join in too – who said that children don’t like their pictures being taken? (excuse the bare bottom!)



3 thoughts on “2013 Week 49

  1. sneaky!!! Leving me to find out on here that you got a macro lens!!! And you with your new lights too – its not Christmas yet you know!! (Seriously you will love it especially with those eyes and eyelashes to take photos of. Its a great lens for when you cant get out of the house to take pics) And looks like you got to grips with it far quicker than I did!

  2. Ha ha -sorry for not telling you before. I saved up birthday and christmas money (courtesy of parents) for about three years and finally decided to spend it. I hope it will help me out over Christmas. Don’t understand the different settings on the lens yet but at least I got them in focus.

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