2013 Week 48

It’s my birthday.

This week starts with my birthday and I found out that I had a surprise coming – when you have 4 young children, it is hard to arrange a surprise as there is lots of organising to do and so I thought I should probably tell Paul this. He told me that we were going away for a night, and that Granny would have the kids, with Barnaby on a sleepover, but I didn’t know our destination……

On my actual birthday, I had a normal day with the kids, though Paul did watch over Felix whilst Willow and I took a walk as it was such a beautiful crisp autumn day. I had a nice wander around the village taking some pictures for a project I have in mind, and chatting to friends I met on the way.

After school and football, we then went to a hotel for a celebratory supper and a glass of wine, which was a great barrier between myself and the children!


Then, the day came for a mystery journey …….. taking us to The Pig in the New Forest, which is where I had mentioned I would like to go a couple of months back.
ThePig-25It is set in such a lovely place, the New Forest, where pony’s and pigs and cows and horses seem to wander freely!iPhone-3

Another surprise was an Indian Head Massage organised by my lovely husband in The Potting Shed at The Pig – literally a garden shed converted to a massage hut!




After a soothing massage and the luxury of having an afternoon not having to deal with children – how relaxing – we enjoyed a leisurely meal at the Pig’s restaurant, and the complimentary pudding.iPhone-10

24 hours later and we were back at home, and wondered if it were all a dream!!

The next day, Willow, Felix and myself went along to celebrate a friend’s 40th party morning where Willow was indulged by the grown up’s.
Lindsey40th-8-Edit Who knew that she would have such a taste for smoked salmon.
Lindsey40th-7-EditLater that evening after swimming lessons, we stopped off at McDonald’s to pick up a celebratory meal (????) as we have just completed of a new house which we hope to transform into a family home, big enough for us 6.  A supper picnic in our new living room.

On Saturday, I practiced my pre-school snowy pictures at home and the children were more than happy to join in. Think that’s the Christmas card sorted this year then!

On Sunday, the day came for me to take the photos for those who wanted them at the pre school fayre. I am pleased to say it was a success and all those who had their photos taken seemed very happy with the results. Phew. My kids kept sneaking on the set for a portrait tooFelixsnow including the ‘baby’.WillowSnow1

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