2014 Week 13 Day 3

2014 Week 13 Day 3 – Today, my eldest turned 8. I remember so clearly the day he was born and his first year. The rest is a bit muddled due to being pregnant and having 3 other children since then, but little Barnu will always be my baby. 2014week13Barnaby8th-62-EditHe started the day opening some presents, then to school, then a trip to TGI’s (as is tradition) with some friends (as is fast becoming a tradition), before coming home and enjoying a sleepover with said friends. Willow stayed in our bed so that the boys could have the room to themselves. Unfortunately, she threw up everything she had consumed that day, all over herself and her bed. Ho hum. Cleaning up her and after her almost felt like practice for those drunken nights out to come in 16 years or so!!Bbirthday Bbirthday1 Bbirthday2

2 thoughts on “2014 Week 13 Day 3

    • It’s unusual to get the rest of them to pose along with Willow and Felix so although a scrappy picture, I do like it too. And I wonder if all the balloon rubbing on Willow’s hair had something to do with her vomiting session later on?….

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