2013 Week 40

Wow week 40, that seems like the final stretch of the year is here! Luckily, our weather is STILL amazing. We are all happily enjoying it.

It was a busy week, too busy for my camera until the weekend.

Othello Live (amazing, amazing, amazing) and Grand Designs Live (interesting and fun and prompting my mind to race with lots of ideas for the future),  were not captured as I left my camera behind.

And, even though I took my camera to my sister’s hen do, it was annoying to say the least when I found that no batteries worked for my flash, even though I thought I had charged some up, but nevertheless I got some pictures. Best left for her memories though.

So a quiet photography week, but I at least got Felix in his new Viking outfit, made by granny, opened in advance of his 4th birthday….

Felix4thBday-41 as Smart Object-1

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