2015 Week 30 Day 3 – 25th July

2015 Week 30 Day 3 – The middle children were pirate rates in a drama production at our local regatta today. Their part was performed outside and it was so hard to hear them, but they didn’t stop smiling and thoroughly enjoyed their whole experience, as did I. And afterwards, a treat of funfair rides. […]

2015 Week 30 Day 1 – 23rd July

2015 Week 30 Day 1 – Today my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We have been busy these past ten years and this box contained of my husbands favourite things! Meanwhile, Willow is late with her birthday thank you cards, and so we created some photos to make into one today. After […]

2015 Week 29 Day 6 – 21st July

2015 Week 29 Day 6 – Inspired by a friend wearing her wedding dress for her 20th wedding anniversary party recently, I tried mine on for my upcoming 10th wedding anniversary. I also had my daughter in the bridesmaid dress that my niece had worn. We had a lovely time and then the page boys […]