5,6,7/365 2017

5/365 2017 – Still drawn to George Michael’s house, 11 days after his untimely passing The kids received a telescope for Christmas and enjoy looking at the moon (with a little help from daddy) 6/365 – My girl decided she needed a lie down and to have a cucumber eye treatment! 7/365 – The house to ourselves […]

2015 Week 30 Day 3 – 25th July

2015 Week 30 Day 3 – The middle children were pirate rates in a drama production at our local regatta today. Their part was performed outside and it was so hard to hear them, but they didn’t stop smiling and thoroughly enjoyed their whole experience, as did I. And afterwards, a treat of funfair rides. […]

2015 Week 28 Days 1-5: 9-13th July

2015 Week 28 Day 1 – Last week I totally forgot an appointment I had at the primary school to take a photo of the books funded by the PTA to go on these bookcases. OOps.  So I made sure I was there nice and early today. This is a shot of the ‘before’ bookcase! […]

2015 Week 20 Days 4 – 7, 17 – 20th week 21 -21st May

2015 Week 20 Day 4 – A lunch out with Aunt Elizabeth on a sunny, but windy day. I must say, I am impressed with my new iphone as these are all straight from camera. Perhaps this will persuade me to leave my dslr at home more often? Willow rocked Wiktoria’s coat! And Gingie continues […]