2014 Week 10 Day 2

2014 Week 10 Day 2 – This is partly why my posts are so late coming. Some days I take sooooooo many pictures!

To chose one for the day, it would be too easy to go for one of my daughter who loves to have her photo taken, but instead I have gone with this shot of three of my kids going for a walk in the late afternoon. They loved exploring this pathway and I had a fantastic fun hour with them here.

2014week10-2051-2-EditEarlier in the day, I tried to take an update photo of Willow as she turned 20 months. She was in a mischievous mood as you can see.
Willow20months We then went for a walk, and this is where it dawned on me of her love of the camera. We walked past a lovely textured gate and I asked if she wanted her photo taken. She said yes, and then spent about half an hour ordering me to take pictures, (“picture mummy, camera”), but then would not be still for long enough before she would run to me to see the image on the back of my camera. I like her variety of expressions and poses.2014week10-2057-Edit-Edit WillowWalkPoseFace 2014week10-2053-Edit 2014week10-2042-Edit WillowWalkPoseFull And then, back at home, it occurred to me how similar we are at the same age when I found one of the few photos I have of me. EloiseWillow2014week10girls-2014-Edit Anyway, back to the walk with 2 of her brothers later in the day, practising with a long lens and getting to some seriously high ISO settings, but we had great fun!KidsWalk-1KidsWalk-2KidsPlay2014week10-2095-Edit-Edit

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