2014 Week 6

This week I was still  suffering with a sinus infection and hard to focus eyes! So there were not too many photos to start off the week. Then came masses later over a couple of days, which is partly why this post is so late, as it has taken me so long to go over the photos and look at them. I also concentrated on printing and mounting photos for a montage frame as a valentines gift for my husband. Hence the reason for taking so many photos!

Week 6 Day 1 – A trip to the library with the two youngest resulted in masses of books for the two eldest to consume. I am sure Barnaby will read his in a couple of days. This time last year, I could NEVER have imagined thinking that!


Week 6 Day 2 – Today I managed to drag myself to bootcamp after school drop off. I love it when I go and it really blows the cobwebs away. The heaves opened just as we finished our session, but I had time for a quick landscape commentary. I have no idea what a call up hole is!


Week 6 Day 3 – As part of a group project I am trying to keep up with, I took a pets eye view of our dog Lotka, quite literally!Week6Day3-2021Week 6 Day 4 – Willow shouting. Is it wrong to love these types of shots? It’s the main view I have of her.day4_2014week6WillowshoutingWeek 6 Day 5 – A trip to The Lookout centre and hence the many, many photos that slowed me down this week.  Here Felix was in a strop about having to leave, after hours of being there. I had run out of patience. Luckily, big brother was on hand to go and lead him safely back to us. I think I will put this photo in to the group theme of Love as to me this personifies brotherly love.2014week6TheLookout-2200-Edit-Edit-2Week 6 Day 6 – A calmer day at the start of the school week and time for Willow to have a go at reading the library books.Day6_2014week6-2018-EditWeek 6 Day 7 – Another group I am following is helping me really think about the pictures I am taking, and each week we have an assignment to follow. This was my submission for intentional camera movement. This is an evergreen bush! It is quite a useful trick for taking abstract pictures when inspiration is low! Or to make a change of photos of Willow and her brothers!


So that was my week in summary, but as I said, although the week started off slow, I ended up taking lots of pictures and so some of my favourites to remember this week are below.

2014week6-20232014week6-2057-Edit-Edit 2014week6-2056-Edit 2014week6-2055-Edit 2014week6-2038-Edit2014week6-2015-Edit

The Lookout CentreLookout-1 Look Lookout-3Lookout-2




2014week6TheLookout-2172-Edit copy6*4vignette

School pick up2014week6School-2047-Edit-2-Edit


2014week6School-2106-Edit-2-Edit 2014week6School-2088-Edit-2-Edit





4 thoughts on “2014 Week 6

  1. too many photos to be able to pick out individual ones to comment on – but thats not a complaint – its lovely to see lots of photos. The one of Felix towards the end he SO looks like Paul (to me! You will probably tell me he looks just like an Uncle or grandparents or something but I hadnt sen that resemblance till that photo!)

    And love the one of Willow shouting through the door.

    • I never thought he did look like Paul because I do see more of my family in the kids. But I am sure you are right!
      I like the shouting Willow though Barnaby thought I was mean taking photos like that, hee hee

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