2014 week 7

Again, such a late post as I am trying to catch up. I might change the format soon to keep more on top of things.


Week 7 Day 1 – Barnaby took advantage of his helpful little sister and gave her his rucksack to carry home.


Week 7 Day 2 – I took advantage of an hour without kids to photograph the flooded river, plus the excess water where there should be none! This shot was behind a car park!2014week7ThamesFlood-2029-Edit-Edit

Week 7 Day 3 – At every opportunity Willow likes to climb up onto one of the boys beds and read a book.2014week7Sheepcote-2014Week 7 Day 4 – Following all the rain recently, it was nice to enjoy some sunshine and the boys enjoyed their tennis lesson.2014week7Sheepcote-2260-Edit-Edit-Edit
Week 7 Day 5 – Another day having fun in the flood waters. 2014week7Hopkinson-2072-Edit-Edit
Week 7 Day 6 – Today I took lots of shots at bath time, but decided to crop one to get an abstract.


Week 7 Day 7 – This boy loves Dr Who and so as en early birthday present I got him a jacket and trousers to fit the bill. Bow tie is on its way.

Rest of the photos:
My other photos of the high river.2014week7ThamesFlood-2098-Edit-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2037-Edit-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2039-Edit-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2049-Edit-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2055-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2053-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2052-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2058-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2086-Edit-Edit-Edit 2014week7ThamesFlood-2085-Edit-Edit
The break in the rain that allowed us our walk
SheepcotePTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage2014week7Sheepcote-22052014week7Sheepcote-2015-Edit
Kids at playpark where I practised with my wide angle lens
2014Week8-2103-EditAt home practising with my wide angle lens2014Week8-2075-Edit 2014Week8-2069-EditA selfie….


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