2014 Week 8

Week 8 Day 1 – I think this slipped in to last week’s post, but here it is again. Playing at the skate park, practising with my wide angle lens when normally I would go for a zoomed in view. i am trying to cut back on photos I show, so just one today.2014Week8-2103-Edit

Week 8 Day 2 – A day with Granny and some time at the playground


but another photo to celebrate Granny’s birthday


Week 8 Day 3 – Holiday homework! Amazingly quiet and calm.2014Week8-2262 Week 8 Day 4 – The younger two were helping me in the garden today2014week8-2039-Edit Week 8 Day 5 – Today I got to take the youngest and oldest to The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, as Barnaby is interested in the Egyptians. It was lovely spending just time with him and his sister, without the others getting jealous. They had their own fun day out with daddy.2014week8-2114-Edit Week 8 Day 6 – After the school holidays last week, it was time to tidy up with the boys back at school. I had a little helper. 2014week8-2142 Week 8 Day 7 – And with the boys away, Willow got free rein to play on their beds!!Day7Week82014WillowStoryboard 3 Up

Although I wanted to keep this post short, I couldn’t resist putting some more shots of our trip to Oxford.2014week8-20962014week8-2102

This is one that Barnaby took with my camera! He seems to be getting into photography, amongst many other things.


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