2014 week 5

Urgh, I have been feeling rubbish all week and the weather continues to be awful. Rain, rain and more rain. However, I did manage to get one photo a day, even though, sometimes, the incentive to do so was barely there.

Week 5 Day 1 – Although feeling grotty, I had to soldier on and take a series of pictures as promised for a running book that my husband and a friend have written and hope to publish on kindle soon. I will turn the pictures into sketches. Apparently this is a good running style. Who knew?

RunningBook-177 Week 5 Day 2 – After dropping Barnaby off, Willow and I drove around for a photo opp, but soon found the road blocked my sheep!2014Week5-1 Week 5 Day 3 – As with the above images, here I have been practising my low level lighting, or should I say, practising taking pictures when there is not much available light and cranking my ISO up whilst trying to expose to the right to retain detail. These were all shot at ISO 6400 and here I converted to black and white. I was trying to capture the Matt Smith look by way of hairstyle that Barnaby is trying, as he wants to be the next Dr Who!2014Week5-27 Week 5 Day 4 – Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 men in a tub. Again shot in only natural light but cranking ISO to its highest and enjoying the kids imaginative play.2014Week5-41and Miss Willow having a go on her own. Shouting, of course.
2014Week5-49Week 5 Day 5 – Although still not feeling great, today I decided to get some fresh air, as apart from the school run(S), I hadn’t really ventured out in days. So a lovely walk around our big countryside block with an enchanted pathway!2014Week5-196 Week 5 Day 6 – Felix also has been feeling a bit lazy and wouldn’t go to any play group today, so I bought the easel in for some chalk action, before dragging the two youngest off to swimming. (Again low lighting -notice a theme this week?) 2014Week5-197 Week 5 Day 7 – The little monkey has turned 19 months and I think this sign says all you need to know about her, though I missed out how bossy she is!!Willow19months-22-Edit-2 I also liked this teenage look going on:Willow19months-15-Edit-Edit Also at the end of the week, we finally made it to the library to stock up on books. Two years ago, or even a year ago, I would have laughed if anyone had told me how keen Barnaby would be to read. I have realised that it is all about discovering the RIGHT books. And, luckily, I seem to be getting better at choosing them for him, and grateful that the library can supply some, as the cost was getting a bit much, especially when he reads a whole book whilst you are making supper! All chance of communication are out of the  window, and there’s me thinking he lacked attention span and focus!2014week5day7-2021-Edit 2014week5day7-2026-EditOf course, the little girl had to get in on the action too!2014week5day7-2019-EditEarly reader indeed!WillowBookStoryboard 3 UpWhen he was more active, Barnaby was skipping and that was a great chance for me to play around with slow shutter speeds!BSkippingStoryboard 3 UpNot much talk of Alexei this week  – he was up to his usual mischief, trying to melt a plastic thing that he got from beavers ON OUR HOB (whilst in a grump – so we had to have a fire safety talk!!)2014Week5-64And he made himself a crown – his ambitions are numerous and at a seriously high level!2014Week5-11and to top the week off, he was invested as  beaver! Well done Alexei.


4 thoughts on “2014 week 5

  1. you have done better than me – I have missed a few days this week 😦 And I havent managed to get any slow shutter speed shots that worked. D- for me 😦 Some great photos to capture your week -That enchanted pathway looks amazing and I love the photo of the melted plastic thing!! 🙂

    • Thanks – I was pretty amazed at getting (at least) a photo a day considering how rotten I felt. I even got more on the walk I took, but only really liked the very last one I took of the pathway. I should go back there with the kids!
      You always produce so many photos yourself, I think you are allowed to have a less productive week. What you did take are fab. x

  2. B’s Matt Smith look is stunning, and although A was causing a fire risk, I too love the melted plastic shot too! Make a nice pendant….

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